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Lifetime Update!

Ok, so moved back to B.B. found a new job... in fact 2. Working part time at both and still only pulling 20hours of work a week. Getting life back on track to possibly head back to college for fashion. Currently drawing a lot more than I have been in the past. Using computer a lot less often too, unless you count using it to play music while I'm drawing. Then I'm using it daily.

Started to read a book every week, I get a new one from the library. Just finished watching the J-Drama (GOOD LUCK!!) spelled exactly as is. Yes, with both exclamation points. Still trying to piece things together with life. Still need to finish a few sewing projects, but I lost my needle kit so I have to save some money to go buy a new one.

Gosh, who new life could get so frustrating. I also think I found the one for me... More to come in later months... Though most of you should expect that as I only update every month or so...
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